Peeping Tom

Directed by Michael Powell, 1960

Written by Leo Marks.


What is the relationship between the films that Mark Lewis makes and watches, and the film that we (the spectators) are watching?

More generally, how and why does the film relate the acts of filmmaking and filmviewing to the act of murder? What is the relation between Mark's making of his 'perfect film,' and the other types of images (those of pornography, of major-studio filmmaking, of the images from Marks' father's research, of the pictures supposedly taken by the 'magic camera' in Helen's childrens' book)?

How are male and female gender roles apportioned in the course of this movie?

What motivates Mark to commit his crimes? Do we have any sympathy with him? Is he a victim in any sense as well? Why does Mark feel naked without his camera?

What is the role of blindness in this film which is so insistently about ways of seeing?